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Can Red Light Therapy Reduce Fat And Lose Weight

Fat Overview

What are obesity and overweight
Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health.
Body mass index (BMI) is a simple index of weight for height that is commonly used to classify overweight and obesity in adults. It is defined as a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of his height in meters (kg/m2).
For adults, the WHO defines overweight and obesity as follows:
overweight is a BMI greater than or equal to 25, and obesity is a BMI greater than or equal to 30.
BMI provides the most useful population-level measure of overweight and obesity as it is the same for both sexes and for all ages of adults. However, it should be considered a rough guide because it may not correspond to the same degree of fatness in different individuals.

Fat Overview

The effect of red light therapy on fat weight loss

Red Light Therapy is a new breakthrough technology that uses a specific kind of therapeutic light that penetrates, opens up fat cells, and liquefies the fat in them. The fat then easily leaves the cells to be burned as energy. This results in the fat cells shrinking and your body visibly becoming smaller! LED Red Light Therapy is the natural and healthy way to remove stubborn belly fat as well as inch loss on the waist, hips, thighs, upper legs, and even the arms. The whole treatment is pain-free (no weight loss surgery needed!), relaxing, and soothing. It is a non-medical procedure. Red Light Therapy is a non-invasive liposuction alternative and patients feel only a pleasant warmth.
Red Light Therapy or lipo light helps with inch loss. It is for spot reduction. If your body fat is over 25%, it is recommended that you engage in a weight loss program along with the treatment to improve your health.

Red light therapy is the application of red-colored infrared light into your body. You can use a low-powered laser beam or a LED light for the application of red-colored light. Once applied, it can trigger a series of healthy changes in your body. These changes will be taking place at a cellular level. In the long run, these changes can aid you to lose weight and burn fat that is deposited in the body.

These changes can assist your body to use the power that it has in an effective manner. In the meantime, red light therapy has got the ability to create an effect on adipocytes. Adipocytes are the cells, which are responsible for storing fat in your body. When red light therapy affects adipocytes, the fat-storing cells would lead toward the dispersion of lipids. Therefore, your body will be able to effectively remove all fat cells. This can trigger a series of health benefits to you and act as the base for losing weight.

The effect of red light therapy on fat weight loss

A lot of research shows that red light therapy can reduce fat

There are a few FDA-cleared red LED (light-emitting diode) home devices that include 830nm and 630nm red wavelengths that you can use to treat yourself at home according to this study’s procedure. Red light therapy can assist you to lose weight in many different ways. This fact has been proven from a variety of clinical studies that were conducted in the past as well.

There is scientific evidence supporting the claims that infrared light, whether handled by lamp, laser, or while in a body wrap, can help people eliminate weight or shape their physique. Red Light Treatment stimulates the production of collagen that is new at the cellular level resulting in plumper, tighter, more luminous skin.

Clinical Research Shows Red Light Therapy Reduces Fat and Helps with Weight Management. … A wide variety of therapies to target fat and improve appearance are called “body contouring” or “body sculpting”, some surgical, others noninvasive. But many of them don’t work, and/or produce troublesome side effects. Researchers believe red light therapy affects the fat-story adipocytes, and essentially helps the body wash away lipids and fat cells. Light therapy may work in other ways that affect fat and weight loss as well. A 2012 study in the International Journal of Endocrinology showed that light can affect hunger levels. This study found that red light helped control levels of the hunger-related hormones leptin and ghrelin in sleep-deprived participants.

Less Cellulite with Red Light Therapy: In a 2011 study on red light therapy and cellulite reduction, women ages 25-55 were divided into two groups: some did treadmill exercise + red light therapy twice a week, while the other group just did treadmill exercise. The researchers presented thermographic photographs of the changes in thigh circumference and cellulite to demonstrate that red light therapy and exercise were more effective than just exercise alone. The study concluded that treadmill exercise and red light therapy in conjunction can improve body aesthetics.
Cosmetic Body Contouring with Red Light Therapy: Many people trying to lose weight just want to look better in the mirror, or at the beach. A wide variety of therapies to target fat and improve appearance are called “body contouring” or “body sculpting”, some surgical, others noninvasive. But many of them don’t work, and/or produce troublesome side effects. Red light therapy is completely natural & noninvasive and has proven to be an effective option for changing the way your body looks, smaller Waistline, and Less Girth with Red Light: A study in the Journal of Obesity Surgery researched red light therapy for body contouring. This 2011 double-blind, randomized study performed light therapy at 635-680 nanometers (nm) on participants for four weeks and recorded effects on the size of their waistlines. At the end of the study, participants had achieved a statistically significant reduction in waistline girth.

Red Light Therapy for Targeted Fat Loss: In a similar study published in Lasers in Surgery Medicine, participants who received light therapy showed a significant reduction in overall circumference, including numerous parts of the body. Researchers concluded that light therapy can reduce the circumference of the specific areas of the body that are treated with natural light. Tighter Hips & Thighs: A 2013 study in the same journal also found benefits from red light therapy at 635 nm for contouring the hips, thighs, and waist. At the end of the trial, researchers found a mean loss of 2.99 inches in overall body size compared to the starting point. Separately, the thigh, waist, and hip areas all showed a reduction too. Researchers concluded that red light therapy at this wavelength was safe and clinically effective.

Light therapy was tested in clinical trials of patients, but these studies weren’t as scientific as they’d have to be to establish safety or effectiveness. Light treatment uses near-infrared light, usually from lamps, lasers, or devices. Called photo biostimulation, this process leaves the cell deflated. Red Light Therapy is a gentle and effective way to revive your skin. The lymphatic system eliminates it When the fat is released from the cell.

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