Category: Red Light Therapy FAQ

Red Light Therapy Beam Angle: Shining The Right Angle

March 11, 2024

One very critical issue when talking about red light therapy is the beam angle of the device. Now, let’s delve into the science of beam angle in red light therapy. Therefore, a clear understanding of beam angle properties and their effects on tissue penetration is needed for maximum red light therapy benefits.

Can Red Light Therapy Regrow Gums? Truth Revealed

March 9, 2024

We all want healthy gums – but what happens when gum disease has taken its toll? Can red light therapy help regrow receding gums and reverse the effects of periodontitis? In this in-depth look, we’ll explore it.

Understanding Red Light Therapy EMF and Staying Safe

March 7, 2024

To understand the technicalities of how devices work or potential safety considerations regarding electromagnetic fields (EMFs). This article aims to shed light on EMF basics, and different EMF types, and give practical suggestions for choosing a red light therapy device with your EMF safety top of mind. So let’s learn all about the energetic nature of red light therapy EMF!

What is Red Light Therapy Irradiance?

March 3, 2024

When choosing the right red light therapy device for you, the three most important factors to consider are irradiance, wavelength, and EMF.So let’s dive into deciphering irradiance’s secret code!

What Is The Difference Between Ambient Red Light And Red Light Therapy?

February 29, 2024

Is it a question of whether Red Light Therapy is simply a red light? What is the difference between ambient red light and red light therapy? Possibly, there is this issue with everyone here. The red ambient light is different from RLT which requires a particular wavelength within the range of 600-850 nanometers.

Understanding The Mysteries Of Red Light Therapy Flicker

February 27, 2024

Rather than fearmongering, this illuminating discussion unpacks flicker in red light therapy fundamentals, mechanisms behind next-gen flicker-free lighting, and tips for protecting wellness through informed choices. With knowledge empowering precision self-care, light’s full healing frequencies radiate freely benefitting all seekers of natural relief and regeneration.

Responding To The Queries About Pulsed Red Light Therapy

February 25, 2024

Red light therapy is a gentle technology and entails red light with very few light wavelengths either pulsing or remaining constant target and enhancing our cell’s performance and ultimately, improving the health in different kinds of ways.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

February 23, 2024

Is red light therapy Safe? Does it work? So, what will I do with one of these red lights? This piece explores the science of red light therapy, outlines how safe it is, details how it should be used, and recommends an excellent unit: The RedDot LED device. Let’s Find Out!