Does Red Light Therapy for Wound Healing?

Red Light Therapy for Wound Healing

Everything in the world needs light, plants need light to grow, and people also need light. Light therapy has many benefits for people, one of which has a good therapeutic effect on wound healing. Red light therapy for wound healing uses red light with the wavelength of 600nm-700nm is used to irradiate human tissues, so as to achieve the purposes of diminishing inflammation, relieving pain, and promoting wound healing. Supporting circulation and inflammation reduction with Red light therapy can also help you heal and recover after injuries and workouts.

Red Light Therapy for Wound Healing
Red Light Therapy for Wound Healing

Does Red Light Therapy for Heal Wounds?

When skin gets injured, it causes a cascade of complex events that affect healing. Firstly, the blood cells end up clumping together. This protects the wound. However, it restricts blood flow. After the clot is formed, the immune system causes inflammation in the form of tenderness, swelling, and redness. Blood vessels tend to open up a bit during the healing stage to allow for oxygen and fresh nutrients to treat the wound. During the same time, the cells in the epidermis start to proliferate to prevent infection. After this, the wound starts closing. The fibroblasts are spindle-shaped cells that migrate to the affected region to produce collagen and add a protective layer around the affected region. Thus, wound protection is a priority of your immune system. Red light therapy can strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen production. This is why red light therapy for heal wounds is a good way.

It is common for people to take the miraculous ability of the body to heal for granted. However, wound healing is a lot more complicated than one can possibly think. It involves a series of chemical signals. There are some factors that prevent or slow down healing completely as mentioned below.

  • Infection: Wounds that are caused by an injury tend to be contaminated by bacteria, unlike surgical wounds. Now, a healthy immune system would immediately start to destroy all the bacteria and work to sterilize the wound. Infection would be caused by chronic stress, sleep disturbances, malnutrition, and poor hygiene.
  • Inadequate Moisture: A lack of water-soluble minerals can affect healing as water is the most critical part of cells. Therefore, it is necessary for skin cells to be hydrated. If the cells are dehydrated, they would be unable to function properly.
  • Inflammation: Despite the fact that inflammation is normal, chronic inflammation affects healing and can hinder the process.
  • Poor collagen production can also affect the healing process. Collagen is required for its strong latticework.

Light Therapy for Wound Healing

The therapeutic mechanism of the red light therapy instrument is to produce photochemical effects on the organism, causing it to produce important biological and therapeutic effects. The absorption of red light by mitochondria in cells is the largest. After red light is irradiated, the catalase activity of mitochondria increases, which can increase cell metabolism; increase the glycogen content, increase protein synthesis and increase the decomposition of adenosine triphosphate, thereby strengthening the cell’s Regeneration, promoting the healing of wounds and ulcers; at the same time, it also increases the phagocytosis of white blood cells and improves the body’s immune function. Therefore, a variety of diseases can be treated clinically.

Red Light Therapy for Open Wounds

Red light therapy is perfect for treating open wounds. You can even use red light therapy products from RedDot LED to self-treat wounds from the comfort of your home. Although serious skin wounds like deep cuts require medical attention, minor injuries can be treated on your own using red light therapy products. Besides this, you will need to implement lifestyle modifications like adequate rest, good nutrition, and stress relief. By using a red light therapy product, you will be able to treat your wounds in no time. Red light therapy for wound healing has been proved to be effective. It is important that you give such products a try.