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High Qality Red Light Source
Model No RDS500 RDS1000 RDS1500
LED Power 500W 1000W 1500W
Wavelengths 42mil RED 660rm &NIR850m 42miRED 660nm & NIR 850nm 42mil RED 660nm &NIR 850nm
Amps @110v 1.1A 2.1A 3.3A
Amps @220v 0.4A 1.1A 1.3A
Dimensions 10.4″x8.7″x2.3″ 18.9″x 8.7″x 2.3″ 27.2″x 8.7″x 2.3″
Power Consumption 120W 235W 352W
LEDs 100x5W 200x5W 300x5W
Beam Angle 30 Degree 30 Degree 30Degree
Cooling Fans 1pcfan 3pcs fans 4pcs fans
Weight 2.8KG/6.2LBS 4.5KG/9.9LBS 7KG/15.4LBS
Lifespan 100,000hrs 100,000hrs 100,000hrs
EMF Emission -Negligible -Negligible -Negligible
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Best For Targeted Treatment Targeted Treatment Ful Body Treatment
Max Area 36″x 34″ 46″x34″ 52’x34″
Daisy-chained Maximum 6pcs Maximum 5pcs Maximum 4pcs
Wireless &Rechargeable
Door Mount
Mobile Stand
Tabletop Stand
WiFi Ready
Built-in Programmable Timer
Smart Built-in Cooling Fans


Reddot RDS series made by Reddot is highly versatile and compatible. They are suitable for beauty salons, spas, fitness, medical and other places.

Reddot red light therapy panel for Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

Reddot red light therapy panel for Acne


Reddot red light therapy panel for Skin Tone

Eye Health

Reddot red light therapy panel for Eye Health

Eye Health