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Red Light Therapy for Fitness, Boosts Muscle Recovery,Enhanced Body Performance

Red light therapy is finally getting the recognition it deserves from the fitness industry. It has become popular among fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. It helps athletes achieve peak performance by creating muscles. It delays the onset of fatigue and accelerates muscle recovery.

There have been hundreds of clinical trials that reveal red light therapy helps enhance physical performance by improving endurance, speed, and strength. It allows for faster muscle recovery after a strenuous workout. There are plenty of therapeutic applications of red light for athletes. The main question that needs answering is if you should apply red light before the workout or after the workout. This post aims to provide you with all the information that you require.

Red Light Therapy for Fitness

Red Light Therapy Boosts Muscle Recovery

One of the ways red light therapy helps fitness enthusiasts is by boosting muscle recovery. Whether you are an amateur or an elite athlete, you can turn to red light therapy to enjoy your peak. A hard workout tends to cause inflammation and muscle soreness. It can take days or weeks to fully recover before you can push yourself further. By undergoing red light therapy, you get to speed up muscle healing after an intense workout. It provides much-needed pain relief and muscle recovery. Moreover, it is also effective at connective tissue and bone healing from a sports-related injury.

An LED device is used for performing red light therapy. It shines red wavelengths of light onto the skin and delivers light energy to the body which offers beneficial effects. There is more to red light therapy than just skin-deep therapy. It affects the entire body at a cellular level and stimulates the natural biological process. Since our body is photosensitive, light effectively triggers biological processes similar to photosynthesis in plants. When a certain wavelength of light interacts with the mitochondria, it results in a photo-biological reaction. The mitochondria are the energy center of every cell in our body. Thus, the interaction helps stimulate the production of energy in the cells. Furthermore, red light therapy increases collagen production and blood flow. It also decreases inflammation which allows you to benefit from peak performance.

Red Light Therapy Boosts Muscle Recovery

Red Light Enhanced Physical Performance

No matter which type of sport you might participate in, it comes with its post-workout soreness. Thus, you would end up needing a break to regain the ability to work out and remain motivated. It is extremely important to prevent post-workout soreness as it can prevent you from playing the sport. Rather than having to wait days or weeks to fully recover, you can turn to red light therapy to recover much sooner and keep going. Here is how red light can help you stay at the top of your game.

  • According to a study conducted in 2018 by Korean researchers, it was found that red light therapy can reduce oxidative stress which is an imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals in the body. When our body is exposed to red light, more adenosine triphosphate is produced by the mitochondria which result in increased cell proliferation. This boosts tissue oxygenation. Thus, you will be able to work out harder, faster, and longer.
  • When our cells are energized, they tend to perform a lot more efficiently. Research reveals that it causes muscle growth, increased training load ability, and less muscle fatigue. When cells perform at their optimal level, it accelerates the healing process. Thus, inflamed and injured muscles would recover much faster and increase muscle performance.
  • In addition to the above, red light therapy also minimizes onset muscle soreness which is stiffness that results in hurting in the muscles.
  • Red light therapy also stimulates an increase in blood flow. As more capillaries receive more oxygen and nutrients, optimal muscle recovery and functioning are expected.
  • A positive effect on muscle recovery is offered by red light. Muscle weakness is improved through the procedure.

Red Light Therapy for Healing Sports Injuries

When it comes to playing sports, sports-related injuries are quite common. Since non-impact and non-contact sports such as cycling can also cause connective tissue damage, muscle injury, nerve pain, joint pain, and injury, it is crucial to undergo red light therapy. Besides this, high-contact sports such as football and rugby are likely to cause sports-related injuries as mentioned below.

  • Running: Stress fractures in the feet, plantar fasciitis, hamstring pulls, shin splints, and runner’s knee.
  • Weight Training: Back strains and sprains, injury to the knee, and shoulder impairment.
  • Cycling: Neck strains, lower back strains, and knee pain.
  • Swimming: Bicep tendonitis, low back pain, neck pain, cartilage tears, rotator cuff tears or tendonitis, shoulder inflammation, and shoulder impingement syndrome.
  • Softball/ Baseball: Muscle strains and sprains, low back sprains, knee injuries, and rotator cuff tears.
  • Tennis: Back pain, wrist strains, rotator cuff tendonitis, knee injuries, and tennis elbow.

If you experience any of the above injuries, you have nothing to worry about as red light therapy can successfully treat them. The fact is that the healing-stimulation properties of red light therapy tend to be far-reaching.

  • Collagen production is stimulated by red light therapy. It strengthens the tendons and cartilage which allows for speedy muscle recovery. It also heals the body from most sports injuries. Since collagen is an essential protein for healthy skin, it is critical for muscle and connective tissue. The procedure repairs micro-tears in the muscles.
  • Red light therapy reduces pain from injury and overexertion. The majority of people aim to resume sports quickly. Therefore, they can benefit from the procedure as it helps heal injuries and overexertion from overtraining. It minimizes failure, relaxes muscle spasms, reduces inflammation, and enhances blood flow.



Red light therapy is extremely beneficial for fitness. It can help treat just about every type of condition. This is why it is important to get a red light therapy product from a reputable brand like RedDot LED. The product can help you improve your performance and more.

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