Red Light Therapy for Hair Loss, Before And After

Red Light Therapy for Hair Loss

Losing hair is not something that one would wish upon anyone, you have to consider red light therapy for hair loss. Red light therapy is a method of using red light, both visible and invisible for recovery, health, and wellness. We know that all frequencies of light have varying impacts on our bodies and red light is no exception. Red light is a healing frequency of light and when used correctly could provide epic health benefits.

red light therapy for hair loss
red light therapy for hair loss

Can Red Light Therapy Cause Hair Loss?

Before we take a look at the potential of red light therapy for hair loss, it is important to know about the causes of hair loss. These are mentioned below.

  • Genetics: One of the main causes of hair loss is genetics. Hereditary hair loss is very common. Men are more likely than women to experience baldness. Hair loss starts at the temples and quickly removes all the hair from the hair. As for women, they are likely to experience thinning of the hair.
  • Stress: Another cause of hair loss is stress. Both chronic and acute stress contributes to hair loss. Acute stress is often tied with a specific cause like surgery, illness, accident, or the loss of a loved one. This is why it might be temporary. However, chronic stress such as financial stress, relationship stress, and job stress can easily accelerate hair loss.
  • Poor Nutrition: In addition to the above, poor nutrition such as inadequate protein affects hair follicles and speeds up hair loss. There are more than 40 million Americans that are malnourished because of poverty and ease of access to junk food.
  • Other Causes: These include disorders like lupus or thyroid disease, pregnancy, menopause, scalp infections, auto-immune diseases, chemotherapy, and over-styling.
  • So, red light therapy does not cause hair loss.

Best Red Light Therapy for Hair Loss

Red light therapy is a procedure that utilizes red light for treating hair loss. Currently, most people opt for medication, hairpieces, and hair transplants. However, each of these does not provide the results that you are likely to desire. This is why it makes sense to consider giving red light therapy a try. Since the commonly used hair restoration treatments can be expensive, have side effects, offer limited success, and can be a hassle to follow, it is best that you opt for a procedure that improves a variety of conditions in addition to hair loss. This is where red light therapy truly shines. It shows potential as an alternative option. In fact, it addresses thyroid problems which are the root cause of hair loss.

Phototherapy utilizes specific wavelengths of light for promoting healthy skin tone, accelerating healing, and reducing inflammation. Red light is bioactive which means it affects our body similar to how sunlight affects plants. It impacts our cellular level by creating more energy. The procedure was initially discovered back in the 1960s and has come a long way ever since. The initial study involved mice who lost hair due to chemotherapy. When red light was used on the mice, it was found that their fur grew back thicker just like how it was before.

High-power LEDs are used by modern red light therapy for saturating the body with wavelengths of light. Red and near-infrared lights are used for their benefits such as preventing hair loss. Although sunlight offers a spectrum of wavelengths, it also contains UV wavelengths which are harmful. By opting for red light alone, you do not have to worry about any side effects such as skin damage and burning.


Red Light Therapy for Hair Loss Before And After

Use red light therapy to treat your hair for 15 minutes every day. After 2 months, you will see obvious results. You can compare your hair before and after when using red light therapy for hair loss. We recommend daily treatments. Or at the very least 5 times per week. For hair loss challenges, additional benefits are possible with two treatments per day.

red light therapy for hair loss before and after
red light therapy for hair loss before and after

Best Red Light Therapy Device for Hair Loss

Once you have finished reading the entire post, you will come to know that red light therapy for hair loss is effective. It is a procedure that you need to try. Make sure to use a high-quality and best red light therapy device for hair loss from a brand as RedDot LED for the best results. RedDot LED is the only manufacturer using convex lenses, which allows the panel to produce higher irradiance, making your hair loss treatment more effective.