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Why Are Wholesale Reddot Red Light Therapy Panel an Ideal Choice?

Dear Suppliers, welcome to add the RedDot red light therapy panel as a supplement for your sale. As a trusted and reputable brand in the red light therapy space, our panels are engineered to deliver unmatched quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.

RedDot Red Light Therapy Panels: Your Trusted Supplier!


RedDot Red Light Therapy Panel

RD Series

Choose RedDot’s RD Series Panel if you are a home user who wants to get the ultimate red light therapy experience without cutting corners on power, budget, and freedom from stroboscopic effect(what is the flicker?). The RD Series being very effective in its light delivery, competitively priced, delivering smooth light, and comes with a touchscreen controller is an ultimate set of features tailor-made for anyone who seeks the benefits of red light therapy. RD Series usesables allow their users to enjoy the comfort of red light therapy right from their homes.

RDPRO Series

Are looking for a reliable red light therapy panel that meets the medical device standards? RedDot’s RDPRO series is a red light treatment panel designed for medical use with the following key features:

  • Powerful Performance:
    RDPRO system has variable pulses (what is the pulse?)of duration 1 min to 30 min that are altogether tuned by the healthcare provider according to patient needs. In addition, the panels contain mode with a frequency range from 1 to 20 Hz, and such features enable better personalization of treatment without flicker of light.
  • Wavelength Bands:
    Furnished with a dual chip in five bands including red 630nm and 660nm, near-red 810nm, and 830nm, this panel offers an array of wavelengths from which to select. Alternatively, a single chip in seven bands of 480nm, 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm,850nm,1060nm. Moreover, wavelength can be tailored to match individual medical needs.
  • High Safety Certifications:
    RDPRO series has earned certifications such as FDA, FCC, CE, and ROHS in the safety field. These certifications take care of the safety standards for medical equipment.
  • Versatility for Medical Applications:
    Whether they are injury repair, pain control, skincare, or some other kind of healthcare application, these panels can do multifunctional work and tailored settings, enabling them to treat a broad spectrum of therapies.

To sum up, the RDPRO series, capable of producing powerful performance, security, and flexibility, is what every professional in medicine should invest in.

Why Are Wholesale Reddot Red Light Therapy Panels  an Ideal Choice?


The RedDot panels are high-quality and made to stand the test of time. High quality is the benchmark of each panel we produce. Thus, they operate more reliably and for a longer period. With us as your supplier, you can be assured of a product that is durable, reliable, and guaranteed by our reputation for high quality.


With our Red Light Therapy Panels, enjoy our latest in Red Light Technology. The LEDs are precisely tuned to emit the therapeutic wavelength range of 480nm-1060nm. It provides for a deep penetration of tissues, initiating cell rejuvenation and having a diversity of health and wellness advantages. With RedDot panels, you can make sure your products are the latest red light therapy innovations.


With its wide application range, RedDot is suitable for many different kinds of industries and customer groups. They can be applied in wellness centers, spas, fitness facilities, healthcare practices, etc. Their flexibility enables them to serve a diverse audience, creating new business opportunities for you.


RedDot, as a wholesale partner, commits to rendering all kinds of help to the suppliers. We have competitive pricing for the orders in bulk that would give a good margin of profit for our business. We have a hands-on support team that will offer timely responses to all the concerns of customers which will, in turn, give them a great wholesale experience.

Marketing and Branding Support

RedDot supplies marketing material and resources to allow you to perform direct marketing of our Red Light Therapy Panels successfully. These materials include product images, brochures, and educational materials that touch on the advantages and qualities of our panels. We aim to augment your marketing initiatives and increase sales and customer engagement.

Illuminate Your Wellness Journey with Red Light Panels


RedDot Red Light Therapy Panels are manufactured to be strong and efficient red light therapy tools. Through the perfection of the mixture of red and near-infrared wavelengths, we manage to plunge deep into the skin to stimulate cellular rejuvenation and general well-being. Provide your customers with cutting-edge technological solutions for red light therapy upon request.


We can create light profiles that evenly illuminate the large target areas to deliver the needed phototherapy light during the session. The wide optics beam angle offers even dispersion of the light hence, extending the treatment area by minimizing repositioning deals with the problem. Insure your clients with all-inclusive and highly effective red light therapy coverage.


RedDot panels provide personalized treatment and options that one can adapt to his/her personal choices and his/her needs. By using the variable intensity levels and session periods, users can customize their red light therapy treatments. Grant them the autonomy to refine their interventions depending on their specific targets and convenience.

Versatile Mounting Options

Our panels have multiple types of fastenings for versatility thus enabling you a chance to fit them in different settings. One of the advantages of our panels is that they can be easily integrated into all types of space be it wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended, or mounted floor-to-ceiling. Enable them to tailor their red light therapy dome through its customizability and convenience.

User-Friendly Controls

Intuitive controls on RedDot models make for a user-friendly and easy-to-use panel. Your customers can easily select different methods of treatment and settings by touch screens or simple pushes. You should maintain a fluid and enthusiastic experience for your customers right from the day they start using our panels.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Safety and quality come first in all aspects of manufacture at RedDot. The testing of our panels satisfies safety standards(FDA) and delivers optimum performance and longevity. Reassure your clients that the red light therapy panels you offer are safe and reliable for the sake of their peace of mind.

Energy-Efficient Design

The energy-saving concept is factored in during the creation of the RedDot panels. They apply modern LED technology giving them the capacity to deliver strong light therapy while consuming minimal energy. Drop the carbon footprint and operating cost of your customers by using our eco-friendly and energy-efficient panels.

Trusted Supplier Support

RedDot is your partner and makes it its job to provide unrivaled support to you. We have customer care and technical support on standby to resolve any inquiries and/or complaints about our panels. Choose us for a safe and splendid experience for you and your customers.

Illuminate Your Wellness Journey with Red Light Panels


For any information about our wholesale prices, bulk order options, and how RedDot Red Light Therapy Panels could suit your business, you can contact our wholesale team. The prospect of our cooperation is mutually beneficial and you can meet the needs of your customers with our cutting-edge products.

Offer them a powerful and versatile solution that gives the users superior coverage, customizable treatment options, diverse mounting options, simple controls, safety and quality guarantees, energy-saving design, and trusted supplier support. Make RedDot your supplier and give your clients the best red light therapy treatment.

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