Professional red light therapy supplier

We located in Shenzhen Since 2010, with the convenience of transportation to sell products worldwide. The high-tech enterprise integrates R&D, production, and sales of phototherapy products. Successively passed FDA, CE, ISO13485, RoHS, and other certifications. We have introduced excellent testing equipment and tools in our industry. Carefully created products in phototherapy with a strict medical quality management system.

  • 14 years of manufacturing experience
  • 20+ product series to choose from
  • Exclusive supplier among Top 5 brands
  • 100+ European and American partners
  • 200+ patents and certifications
  • 5000+ square-meters own factory

Our Mission

Pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, do our best to help customers create value, give back the trust, and contribute to human health and social progress.

Our Vision

To become a leader in the phototherapy field, we have always been committed to providing excellent products and contributing to the progress of human health in the world.

Core Values

Respect God and love, improve mind, expand the business. Integrity-based, customer first, respect everyone. Bravery and responsibility, unity and cooperation, innovation and far-reaching.

History Map

14 years of perseverance, every milestone has witnessed our development.

Reddot LED Strength

200+ Patents and Certificates

Product Testing Protocol

We perform 37 tests to produce our top-quality and reliable LED red light therapy products. Out of these, a few are listed below.

High-Temperature Test

H/T Test

This test consists of testing products for 1.5 hrs in the environment at 80°. Faulty parts are removed according to our strict quality protocols.

Freezer Test

Freezer Test

To check their capacity at a shallow temperature, we place them in a simulated freezer for over 1.5 hours and inspect their functionality.

Aging Test

Aging Test

After production, all of our products assembly is subjected to a 24-hour aging test used to remove any burned-out or damaged items and components.

Parametric Test

Parametric Test

This test is used to evaluate the efficacy of red light therapy products. If standards are not met, proofread and correct them immediately.

Spectrum Test

Spectrum Test

Analysis of the wavelengths of light emitted by products to ensure that it is consistent with the intended therapeutic range.

Vibration Test

Vibration Test

This test assesses the durability and reliability of components, to determine that they can withstand normal use and shipment.

Better Manufacturing

Elevate your business by uncompromising quality you can trust

  • Design and R&D

    * Best LED arrays and control

    * Ergonomic product forms

  • Raw Materials

    * Partnering with leading suppliers

    * Strict every incoming inspection

  • Manufacturing

    * Advanced production facilities

    * Multi-point testing & rechecking

  • Delivery

    * IOS13485 management system

    * Thorough packaging & logistics