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Are you looking to red light wholesale products but you are not sure where to get them? RedDot should be your choice. Because they offer some of the highest-quality red light therapy panels and red light therapy lamps. Both of them are at an affordable price.

Wholesale Red Light Therapy For Sale

Your Reliable One-Stop Shop for Red Light Wholesale

Are you looking to bring red light therapy’s anti-aging and wellness benefits into your home? Are any recommended brands or models of red light therapy panels highly regarded in the industry?

Applying the FDA-certified manufacturing processes and meeting the high-quality standard requirements, RedDot implements each piece of equipment from raw materials to finished products. You can choose a brand that sells, makes, and distributes for your customer’s health.

Whether it’s a home full-body red light therapy panel, a targeted red light therapy device, or a red light therapy torch, you can find a device that’s right for you.

Red Light Therapy Panels for Well-Being and Home-Use 

The RDPRO Series: Professional Panel Options

The RDPRO panel series from RedDot is designed to deliver the highest intensities alongside the largest coverage areas for medical practices, spas, and treatment centers. Trusted by professionals with high-quality medical equipment and FDA certification. These devices have a wide range of bands, including red 630nm/650nm and near-red 810nm/830nm/850nm (What is wavelengths?). Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, these premium devices withstand high daily volumes:

RDPRO 300:
Containing various 630/650/810/830/850nm wavelengths which are ideal for skincare, the 28”×24” lightweight device treats any dermal issue effectively.
RDPRO 1500:
Suitable for full body treatments of larger body parts, its broad 47″×24″ emitter is delivered with 850nm penetration depth.
RDPRO 3000:
A panel larger than the RDpro1500 treatment surface, the 87” x 24“ area is designed for complete body care.
RDPRO 6000:
The most powerful machine with an 87″ x 47″ area treated to 960nm has the superior function of wound/injury healing.

Home-Use Panels for Whole-Body Health and Well-Being

For those practicing self-care, RedDot-engineered home devices uphold medical standards with user-friendly designs:

These contain a 660nm spectrum to create hydrated skin by getting rid of blemishes. Flexible emission, so close to ideal, works out great for soothing aches and pains by stimulating circulation, dilation, and spasm reduction anywhere. This panel is accurately used on stubborn spots such as scars or “spot healing” and is speeded up to accelerate healing.

All the products have a premium build quality that allows you to use them for years smoothly. Timed off of the timing function ensures safe treatments.

Stand Series

RedDot is designed to be durable and stable. Our stands are crafted from top-notch materials to ensure unwavering stability and support for your red light therapy equipment. Invest in a stand that will last, which will guarantee a good performance and peace of mind.

Red Light Therapy Device for Pain Relief

Needing more intense irradiance, hotter inputs, and red light therapy for diseases like arthritis? Here series of the best options.

Red Light Therapy for Sauna

Want red light therapy while you’re in the sauna? You can enhance your sauna experience by adding red light therapy.

Red Light Therapy Belts & Blanket

RedDot belts and blankets are made using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The fabrics used are soft, hypoallergenic, and skin-friendly, providing a comfortable experience to your customers during each treatment session. You can trust in the reliability and durability of our products.

Using a Handle small device for red light therapy

Red light therapy handheld devices make it possible to do red light therapy on the go.

The small size of our handheld devices offers us an opportunity to execute the individualized treatment. Whether you want to get your laser treatment focused on your face, body, or even the scalp, our handheld red light therapy devices deliver light therapy right where it is necessary.

Red light therapy for Skincare

Many red light therapy products including red light therapy masks are appropriate for skincare.

Customized Your Product

Haven’t found you like? It doesn’t matter. Click on the image below to go to the link. Try to build your custom product. As each business is unique, we have tailor-made wholesale solutions to match your specific requirements. Whether operating a spa, wellness center, beauty salon, or e-commerce store, our wholesale solutions can be adapted to any business model and goals.

Customized Your Product

Conact Reddot LED


Take your business to the next level with RedDot as your reliable red light therapy provider. Profit from our dedication to quality, a wide range of product lines, wholesale customized solutions, competitive pricing, great customer service, marketing tools, shipping reliability, industry backing, and partnership for the long term. Select RedDot as your partner to capitalize on red light therapy benefits for your business and customers.

Connect with RedDot now to start your trip as a red light therapy provider. Learn why top-notch researchers, estheticians, and patients around the world choose RedDot as their partner in bringing out the natural radiance of skin safely and optimally via photonic technologies.

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