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What does green light therapy do?

Green light therapy is an emerging health and wellness trend that leverages the healing powers of natural green light. As we learn more about how light impacts the body, green light is proving to offer a multitude of benefits. From easing depression to reducing inflammation and boosting energy, green light can enhance our health, appearance and overall wellbeing. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the science behind green light and how you can leverage its healing powers.

green light therapy

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What is Green Light Therapy?

Green light therapy is a type of photobiomodulation along with blue light therapy and the more well-known red light therapy. It involves exposing the body to beneficial wavelengths of visible green light. Green light ranges in wavelength from 475 to 545 nanometers and sits in the middle of the visible color spectrum. It has unique properties that set it apart from other wavelengths of light. Green light is able to penetrate deeper into tissues than other visible wavelengths. It is absorbed by cellular photoacceptors and triggers beneficial chemical reactions. This stimulates natural healing, tissue regeneration and reduces inflammation and pain.

Green light therapy can be administered in different ways. Handheld home devices are available that deliver therapeutic wavelengths of green light. These can be used to target specific areas of the body. You can also undergo green light therapy in a clinical setting. Specialized devices and booths are used to bathe larger surface areas in healing green light. Regardless of the method of delivery, the beneficial effects of green light therapy stem from its unique interaction with our cells. The light triggers photobiological reactions that accelerate healing and restore wellbeing.

Unlike UV light from the sun, green light therapy uses safe, low-level light that doesn’t damage the skin. Sessions typically last 10-20 minutes per day. Green light therapy can be administered alone or paired with red and/or blue light therapy. It’s applied using LED light panels or masks, handheld wands or even lasers. At home use is becoming more popular with smaller LED devices.

What is Green Light Therapy?

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What does green light therapy do?

To understand how green light delivers results, let’s break it down step-by-step:

1. Light enters the body
When the skin is exposed to green light, the light waves penetrate below the skin’s surface. Green light reaches up to 8-10mm deep into tissues.

2. Cells absorb the light
The green light photons are absorbed by the mitochondria inside our cells. The mitochondria convert light energy into cellular energy.

3. Mitochondria increase energy production
Absorbing more green light boosts mitochondrial function. This ramps up ATP energy production and mitochondrial repair.

4. More cellular energy powers healing
Higher energy levels allow cells to function optimally. This enhanced cellular activity accelerates healing and renewal wherever the light is applied.

5. Body restores homeostasis
Increased cellular function restores balance or homeostasis. This helps resolve inflammation, oxidative stress, waste buildup and other issues stemming from cellular dysfunction.

6. Benefits emerge
As cellular function improves, users experience benefits ranging from decreased wrinkles to faster wound healing. The breadth of benefits depends on where treatment is applied.

What does green light therapy do?

Source: The picture comes from the Internet

Green Light Therapy Has Research-Backed Benefits

Green light therapy provides a variety of scientifically-backed benefits, both physical and psychological. Here is an overview of the scientific evidence supporting major green light therapy benefits:

Improves Sleep
In a sleep study, mice given green light therapy before bed fell asleep the fastest, suggesting that green light therapy can promote sleep.[1]

Pain Relief
A one-way crossover clinical trial in which adult patients with fibromyalgia received 1 to 2 hours of green light therapy for 10 weeks showed a significant reduction in pain intensity,
It shows that green light therapy can effectively relieve fibromyalgia.[2]

Improves Migraines
In one study, patients with episodic migraines and those with chronic migraines who used green light therapy experienced 5-13 fewer migraine days, as well as less pain, duration, and other symptoms during attacks up.[3]

Promoting Skin Health and Anti-Aging
Multiple studies confirm green light therapy can effectively treat skin diseases and improve skin tone and texture. Green light therapy reduces inflammation and immune cell infiltration of the skin.[4]

Evidence also shows green light protects skin cells from UV radiation damage. This helps prevent premature aging of the skin from sun exposure.

How Does Green Light Therapy Compare to Red Light Therapy?

Both green light and red light therapy provide therapeutic benefits through photobiomodulation. But is one color better than the other? Here’s how they compare:

Penetration Depth
Green light penetrates slightly shallower than red light – about 8-10mm vs 10-12mm for red.

Both colors work by improving mitochondrial function. However, green light specifically enhances DNA repair and stimulates antioxidants like glutathione. Meanwhile, red light promotes circulation and reduces inflammation.

Green light and red light are often used together to amplify benefits. But green light may be preferred for conditions affecting the eyes, hair, skin and nausea. It also has an antimicrobial effect that makes it helpful for preventing infection.

Overall, green light and red light complement each other nicely. Combining them provides comprehensive light therapy benefits.

Choosing a Green Light Therapy Device

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