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RedDot is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cutting-edge red light therapy devices designed to promote healing and wellness, and have 100+ brand partners around the world.

We offer a range of products tailored to meet various needs, such as OEM, ODM, dropshipping and low MOQ with 1 piece.

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Top-selling red light therapy devices trusted by professionals worldwide

RDPRO 1500 Therapy Panel

Expandable design, precisely targeted high-intensity red light therapy for efficient body contouring and holistic well-being.

  • 5 wavelengths(Dual chip): 630+660+810+830+850nm
  • 3 Controls: Board / Remote /APP
  • High-irradiance: >200 mw/c㎡, at 6”
  • Timer(1-30m) + Pulse(0-999Hz) + Dimmable(0-100)
  • Multiple units connected with one master
  • LCD Screen No Flicker
  • Worldwide Uses(110-240v)
  • Floor / Horizontal / Vertical / Motorized stand

RD X2+ LED Therapy Light

Multifunctional tri-fold design with high-intensity red light coverage allows for convenient, customizable, localized targeted treatment.

  • 2 wavelengths commonly used: 660+850nm(or customized)
  • Concentrated high energy: >200 mw/c㎡, at 6”
  • Timer(1-30m) + Pulse(0-40Hz) + Dimmable(0-100)
  • LCD Screen No Flicker
  • Worldwide Use(110-240V)
  • Comes with tri-fold stand(free adjustment)



Illuminating Results Across Industries - Our Red Light Expertise Shines Through

red light therapy panels fitness center
RDPro 6000

Fitness & Wellness Center

Accelerate muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, and enhance athletic performance with light therapy solutions.

sauna red light therapy panels
RDPro 3000

SPA Center

Amplify the therapeutic benefits of your sauna with RedDot seamlessly integrated red light therapy systems.

red light therapy for Beauty Salon
RDPro 3000

Beauty Salon

Elevate your salon services and captivate clients with RedDot customizable red light therapy treatment options.

red light therapy with yoga
RDPro 1500

Yoga Studio

Complement your holistic wellness offerings with light therapy panels, promoting deep relaxation and improved sleep.

red light therapy for clinic
RDPro 1500

Hospital & Clinic

Trust RedDot to deliver clinically-validated red light therapy technology for your healthcare practice pain management and skin rejuvenation treatments.

red light therapy at home
RD X2+

For Home

Empower your customers to experience the transformative power of red light therapy in the comfort of their own homes with RedDot user-friendly devices.

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Our professional R&D team is committed to creating exclusive personalizedproducts for our customers. Whether it is personalized designs according toyour requirements redesigning product appearance, extending productfunctions, or any whimsical solutions.your cost with lower MOQ.



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By 14+ years of focus and hard work, we haveestablished a set of efficient processes, toensure the R&D and production of lighttherapy devices are excellent and reliable.

Guided by market demand, we conductinnovative product design and engineeringdevelopment to meet the needs of businessusers. You can choose our red light therapydevices with confidence.


Idea & drawing customization

Idea & drawing

Design & rendering customization

Design & rendering

Material selection and inspection


Parts assembly


Equipment internal and external testing


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Trusted Red Light Innovators - Experience the Power of Our Proven Expertise

High Quality

Made of high heat dissipationmetal material, repeatedlystamped and aged

Good Price

Source factory supply.satisfactory price producedduring negotiation

Excellent Team

20+ engineers R&D team,create various creativity for100+ brands


Fast customization-3hours design drawing. 15 days fast delivery

Fast Delivery

Sufficient samples in stockready to ship for you

Honest Service

14 years old factory.supporting 100+ brand merchants



TOP 5 Brands served | 100+ Countries served | 200+ Patents and Certificates


RedDot has 14 years of manufacturing experience, located in Shenzhen China, withthe convenience of transportation to sell products to the world. The high-tech enterpriseintegrates R&D, production and sales of phototherapy products. Successively passed FDACE,1S013485, RoHS and other professional certifcations, We has introduced excellenttesting equipment and tools in our industry. Carefully created products in phototherapywith a strict medical quality management system.

We have 200+ patents and certifications, and a professional R&D team, dedicated toresearch and development new technologies and products. include red light panelssauna lights, LED therapy belts, mats, hats, nasal lights, blankets, flashlights, etc.

Our products have been exported to more than 100 European and American countriesand regions. The company has established the good strategic partnership with the Top 5brands in the European and American phototherapy industry. The annual sales amountincreased by more than 25%, and the market share continues to increase.


Pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, we tryour best to help customers createvalue give back the trust, and make contributions to human health andsocial progress.


Become a leader in the field of lighttherapy. Constantly provide excellent productsto the world, and contribute to theprogress of human health.


Revere God and love people, improve temperament, expand business. Integrity-based, customer first, respect everyone. Bravery and responsibility, unity and cooperation, innovation far-reaching



Focus on R&D and manufacturing ofscience and technology, bring you the latest healthproducts ofscience and technology

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Rdedot LED red light therapy panels have brought benefits to many users

Bryan Johnson

630 nm (red) and 830 nm (infra red)
Continuous wave or pulsed up to 40 Hz
Up to 200 mw/cm^2 irradiance at 6 inches
60 J/cm^2 dose at 6 inch distance
Be careful not to burn yourself by standing too close
Protocol (this is mine) - 12 min, 3x weekly


  • Accelerated healing
  • Helper w/ anxiety + depression
  • Skin health
  • Sleep


Medical Red Light Therapy Devices
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