Product Features

  • * Button control, operation convenient
  • * 7 colors, skincare, and calcium supplement
  • * Separable three-fold and Technological Shape design
  • * All-Dimensional Illumination Experience
  • * Universal size, suitable for all kinds of people


  • Model NO.SD049
  • LED Power30W
  • Input power12V/4A
  • WavelengthsRed(615-655nm),Orange(590-630nm),Green(540-580nm),Cyan(480-490nm),Blue(395-435nm),Purple(360-400nm),Yellow(580-590nm),Cyclic light
  • timer5-60 minutes
  • Dimensions19.5″x8.5″x11.6
  • LEDS222PCS
  • Weight2.5KG/5.5LBS
  • Warranty1 Year
  • Best ForTargeted Treatment

Package Included

  • Lamp board
  • USB
  • Adapter
  • Manual

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    SD049 Red Light Facial Mask: Experience the Rainbow of Skin Rejuvenation

    Unlock the secret to radiant, youthful skin with the SD049 Red Light Facial Mask. This innovative device harnesses the power of seven different light wavelengths to address a wide range of skin concerns, promoting a more vibrant and healthy-looking complexion.

    SD049 Foldable Facial Mask

    • 7-Color Spectrum Light Therapy: Offers a wide range of light wavelengths (red, orange, green, cyan, blue, purple, yellow) to address various skin concerns, from reducing wrinkles and acne to improving skin tone and texture.
    • Customizable Treatment: The mask features a cyclic light mode and a timer (5-60 minutes) for personalized treatment sessions tailored to your specific needs.
    • Full-Coverage Design: Provides comprehensive coverage of the face, maximizing the treatment area for optimal results.
    • Powerful Output: 30W of power and 222 LEDs deliver a potent dose of light therapy for enhanced effectiveness.

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    Application Cases

    red light therapy panels fitness center

    Fitness & Wellness Center

    Accelerate muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, and enhance athletic performance with light therapy solutions.

    sauna red light therapy panels

    SPA Center

    Amplify the therapeutic benefits of your sauna with Reddot LED seamlessly integrated red light therapy systems.

    red light therapy for Beauty Salon

    Beauty Salon

    Elevate your salon services and captivate clients with Reddot LED customizable red light therapy treatment options.



    STORY SINCE 2010

    RedDot is a high-tech enterprise integrating industry and trade focusing on the R&D, Design, Production and Sales of red light therapy products and supporting solutions. With 5,000+㎡ factory. Take the vision of "providing excellent products and promoting human health", committed to building a world-renowned red light therapy brand.

    RedDot adheres to the brand road of independent R&D, the earlier professional R&D and production manufacturer of red light therapy products in China. Products from small handheld to large full-body high-quality LED light therapy devices, and provide customized solutions. Meet the needs of top red light therapy brands in North America and Europe.

    We has obtained 200+ patents and certifications. Based on the concept of "creating high-quality products, providing high-quality services", in a few years, we have stood up to the competition of manufacturers and become the exclusive supplier among top 5 global brands, received many praise and recognition.