RDX2 Targeted Red Light Therapy Device

RDX2 Targeted Red Light Therapy Device, Any Angle

Experience precise and powerful relief with the RDX2 Targeted Red Light Therapy Device from Reddot LED. This versatile device delivers high-irradiance red and near-infrared light with independent wavelength control, allowing for targeted treatment of specific areas.

EST-T2 red light panel

RD-T2 Desktop Red Light Therapy Device

EST-T2 red light therapy home panel is an upgraded version of T1. It is specially designed for users of desktop and non-handheld devices suitable for target therapy. It comes with an integrated stand, wavelengths 660nm&850nm, and black and white colors are available.

EST-T1 red light therapy at home panel

RD-T1 Desktop Red Light Therapy Machine

Experience targeted red light therapy with the RD-T2 Desktop Device from Reddot LED. This user-friendly device offers three treatment modes, precise positioning with a 360-degree rotating stand, and powerful performance for effective pain relief, skin rejuvenation, and enhanced recovery.

H100 Red Light Therapy Torch

H100 Red Light Therapy Torch, Portable & Powerful

Experience powerful red light therapy on the go with the H100 Torch from Reddot LED. This compact and durable device delivers high-irradiance light across five wavelengths for targeted treatment of specific areas.

sd002 face led light therapy

SD002 Red Light Facial Mask: Skin Rejuvenation

Transform your skincare routine with the SD002 Red Light Facial Mask. This powerful red light facial mask utilizes a spectrum of light wavelengths to reduce wrinkles, fight acne, improve skin tone and texture, and promote a more youthful appearance.

sd049 Led Face Mask Light Therapy

SD049 Red Light Facial Mask with 7 Colors

SD049 adopts a detachable three-fold design and Button control, simple and intuitive, which makes the operation more convenient. 7 color lights, an all-around lighting experience, not only can solve various skin problems but also supplement calcium, it is a good helper for your family's personal care.

RD30 Therapy Light

RD30 Mini 36W Photon Facial LED Red Light Therapy Bulb

RedDot RD30 mini 36w LED red light therapy bulb has a small package size as well as product size, make it ideal for Amazon, eBay, and other online sellers; it is also a good choice for consumers who wants to experience red light therapy.