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How Often Should You Do Red Light Therapy?

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How often should you do red light therapy?

A: The frequency of red light treatment requires a balance between consistency and the time it takes for the body’s response to recover. Beginners are advised to start short, 2-3 sessions a week to assess physical response. As the body adapts, gradually increase the frequency and duration, 3-5 times a week for 10-20 minutes each time.


In this age of beauty, we all want healthy, smooth, elastic skin. Red light therapy, as a non-invasive beauty treatment, has become the first choice for many people’s skincare. But do you know how often red light therapy should be done? If you’ve been wondering how often you should be using your red light therapy device to reap the rewards, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about it.

How Often Should You Do Red Light Therapy?

How To Correctly Carry Out Red Light Therapy?

Cleanse skin as usual first so light can penetrate to cells unimpeded. Then rev up your light therapy lamp, position panels 2-4 inches above treatment areas, sit back, relax those muscles, and let the healing begin! RedDot devices feature automatic timers so simply bask in the glow worry-free for the prescribed duration.

For whole-face or body therapies, lie supine and allow the broad 3×5-inch panel to bathe the entire surface area safely and efficiently in therapeutic luminous wavelengths. After zapping, massage the face gently to promote absorption further and soothe stressed skin.

How Often Should You Do Red Light Therapy Exactly?

Most practitioners recommend a minimum of 3 non-consecutive sessions weekly to maintain skin health, spacing treatments 2-4 days apart. This frequent but intermittent use allows sufficient time for stimulated collagen production to fully manifest structurally over the 4-week skin renewal cycle.

Studies show collagen synthesis peaks 48 hours post-red light, so this cadence maximizes each session’s benefits before stimulating synthesis further.

For acute issues, daily sessions may intensify healing short term under medical guidance. Chronic conditions also benefit from rigorous regimes of 10-15 minutes daily indefinitely under supervision to control stubborn flare-ups.

Athletes recovering from injury often use red light therapy as frequently as 6 times weekly during peak muscle-building phases too as supported by research.

Can You Do Red Light Therapy Every Day?

The simple answer is yes, daily use is entirely safe and effective – if appropriate for your specific anti-aging aims and skin’s tolerance. Short 5-10 minute sessions deliver cellular support without stressing tissues daily.

However, some practitioners caution that excess may undermine the intended repair and remodeling if the skin cannot rest adequately to fully absorb benefits.

Can You Do Too Much Red Light Therapy?

Provided light sources are safe, regulated wavelengths, it’s very difficult to overdo red light therapy. Remember it is effectively delivering nurturing optical nutrients noninvasively through non-thermal low-level photons.

However, similarly to other active acne ingredients, those with photosensitive conditions like rosacea may require lower light doses initially to allow skin gradual acclimatization without potential flare-ups from excess stimulation. Patch testing new devices is always wise for precaution.

Other than such rare hypersensitive cases, most practitioners agree benefits outweigh any risks, with no conclusive evidence of negative effects from overuse. Like supplements, quality matters most. So invest in an FDA-cleared professional grade system for optimal yet gentle cellular support sans stress or side effects.

Red Light Therapy Precautions

A few commonsense rules ensure safe yet effective use:

  • Avoid direct eye contact with the light source which can cause temporary flash blindness.
  • Do not shine a light on open wounds, cuts, or sunburnt skin until healed.
  • Those with epilepsy or seizures should check with their doctor first before use.
  • Use sun protection as usual post-treatment if venturing outdoors as light therapy does not replace UV protection.
  • Discontinue use and consult a medical provider if any irritation or reaction occurs.
  • Never use light-based therapies over areas treated with photodynamic therapies like certain acne medications.

Provided precautions are followed judiciously, red light’s wavelengths are gentle enough even for sensitive skin long term when paired with diligent sun protection habits outdoors as always.

How to Maximize Effects?

Pairing red light therapy with other proven anti-aging actives maximizes renewal. Here are some expert-recommended synergistic routines:

  • Apply a hydrating hyaluronic acid serum post-zapping to further boost collagen and moisture levels as the skin drinks in nutrients.
  • Use gentle retinoids nightly to stimulate collagen additionally under the watchful glow of your light therapy lamp for amplified exfoliation over time.
  • Brighten and clear skin using targeted acids like lactic, azelaic, or suspended in hyaluronic bases between light sessions to further accelerate cellular turnover and clarity.
  • Massage a firming peptide serum with caffeine into target areas after treatments to promote circulation and enhance plumping visible effects.
  • Shield skin with mineral-based sunscreen SPF30+ anytime venturing outdoors to preserve collagen stimulated indoors and protected from harmful rays.

Tailoring solutions uniquely based on individual objectives deliver truly transformative anti-aging renewal synergetically when combined judiciously and consistently long term under the tutelage of red light’s rejuvenating luminous embrace.

How Often Should You Do Red Light Therapy Exactly?

Choosing the Right Device: Enter the RedDot LED

  • Certified Quality: They have been tested by the FDA, CE, and FCC to ensure safety and quality.
  • Wide Power Range: RedDot has a power output of 60-6000 watts which ensures adaptability for both treatment options as well as specific patients’ requirements.
  • Versatile Panel Options: This offers full-bodily or tailored panels at your discretion, making it possible to target different regions or the body entirely.
  • Convenient Features: When using the RedDot products, they have some user-friendly features, including built-in timers, that enable smooth management of your therapy sessions and assure equal duration for each one.

Visit our website or contact us today to explore our range of RedDot Red Light Therapy products and discover why RedDot is the preferred brand for those seeking exceptional quality and outstanding results.


Therefore, briefly speaking, spacing out sessions at least every 2-4 days and trying not to exceed 3 times weekly permanently will give the best chance to your skin’s structural and functional incorporation of collagen-boosting benefits over time. Use a red light therapy panel that can fit around your lifestyle, which is for the habitual health and well-being of the entire family. Positive changes spread throughout and from within consistent yet convenient anti-aging management. Begin with greater radiating in your inner being.

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