Red Light Therapy for Back Pain

Back pain can be extremely painful. It is not easy to deal with. With millions of people suffering from back pain, chances are that you also suffer from it. If you have tried different techniques and have not experienced the results that you are looking for, you need to give red light therapy a try. Unlike medications, physical therapy, rest, and ice which fail to get to the bottom of the problem, red light therapy has a positive impact on not just reducing pain but also resolving the root cause behind the pain.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a popular therapy for managing pain caused by connective tissue problems, bone breaks, muscle tears, spinal disorders, and osteoarthritis. You might be wondering how shining light on an area could possibly relieve pain. The fact is that red light effectively penetrates into the skin. It provides some immediate relief. As for the near-infrared light, it helps soothe the pain. The treatment relaxes the muscles and gets to the bottom of the problem. Whether you experience back pain, knee pain, hip pain, or joint pain, you can rely on the procedure for much-needed relief.

The truth is that muscles can get tense and remain that way. It only increases the perception of the pain. The muscle relaxation signals to the brain that your body is not in danger. This helps lower your perception of pain. Thus, you should be able to bounce back after the procedure. Although you can achieve a soothing warming effect using any light, you simply cannot expect to achieve lasting pain relief without red light therapy. It gets down to the very cellular level which leads to therapeutic benefits.

LED bulbs are used for red light and near-infrared light therapy. This enables the desired wavelengths of light to penetrate into the skin. It is important to note that the human body is very responsive to light similar to plants.

Pain Relief

By targeting the painful areas with red light, you get to benefit from natural pain relief. The procedure aims to boost the natural healing mechanism of the body to ensure that you no longer experience any pain. It would amplify the healing in order for your body to fully recover. There is no procedure quite like it. Hence, it is worth trying.

Increased Cellular Energy

Next, the red light would stimulate the functioning of the mitochondria in the cells. The light cells would enter the tissues of the body and become absorbed by the energy center. This would result in the photonic energy being converted into adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Thus, the cells would be energized which would help speed up their essential functions such as replication and repair. When the cells are healthy, the healing of infected areas and injured areas would speed up. This would allow for faster healing. Therefore, you would experience less pain.

Reduced Inflammation

The secondary primary function of red light therapy after an improvement in cellular health is reduction in inflammation. Although inflammation is the natural response to infection or injury by the immune system, too much of inflammation can prevent the body from healing.

Both chronic and acute inflammation would be reduced through the stimulation of cellular repair by the red light. This would help soothe the inflammatory immune response and ensure that the body can heal much faster. If you are unaware about acute inflammation, it occurs when you twist your back, develop a sore throat, get dirt in the eye, or sprain your ankle. The short-term response by the body would be to manifest redness, pain, heat, and swelling. These are signs that the body is in protection and repair mode. Once the infection or injury heals, acute inflammation should subside and the pain should leave.

Despite the fact that inflammation is required for healing, there are some factors that amplify the inflammatory response to such a point that the body begins to attack itself. For example, when the cytokines (inflammatory immune system proteins) become destructive to healthy cells, it results in a stronger inflammatory responses and tissue damage.

Stem Cell Activation

In addition to the above, red light therapy helps with stem cell activation. In order for the body to heal, stem cells are necessary. They have magical functions. These cells are found throughout the body and tend to be in an inactive state unless they are required. They tend to travel to the affected area through the bloodstream to develop into the cells that are required. By undergoing red light therapy, these powerful stem cells are activated which helps speed up the healing process.

Improved Collagen Production

Collagen is the single most important component of the skin. It is a fibrous protein that is present in the connective tissue and muscle throughout the body. If the connective tissue or muscle gets damaged, it would require collagen for forming a latticework which helps stitch the tissues that have been separated together. Collagen production is stimulated by red light therapy which assists with healing.

Improved Blood Flow

Acute and chronic pain conditions are only aggravated by poor blood circulation. By undergoing red light therapy, the formation of capillaries is stimulated and blood flow is increased which helps provide relief. Moreover, an increase in blood flow ensures that oxygen and nutrients are brought to cells, while, waste materials are effectively removed.


If you do not want to undergo surgery to reduce back pain, you can turn to red light therapy for reliving the pain. It would stimulate physiological mechanisms for promoting healing, assisting in connective tissue and muscle repair, and boosting collagen production. The procedure is completely safe and effective. Before you decide to undergo the procedure, it is important that you use a red light therapy product that is reliable. This is where RedDot LED comes into place. It offers the best red light therapy products that you can even use from the comfort of your home. They will help reduce back pain in no time.