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What Red Light Therapy Devices Are FDA-Approved?

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What red light therapy devices are FDA-approved?

A: Our devices of the RDPRO series are science-backed and have FDA clearance.


In today’s rapidly changing medical technology, red light treatment equipment has become the first choice for many medical institutions and families. However, in the face of a wide range of products on the market, how to choose a truly safe and effective red light treatment equipment? The answer is to choose FDA-approved products. Strict review and approval by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) is the best guarantee for red light therapy devices.

What Red Light Therapy Devices Are FDA-Approved?

What FDA Approval Means Of Red Light Therapy Devices?

When it comes to medical devices, most consumers understandably assume “FDA approved” means a product has undergone rigorous clinical testing proving it works as intended. However, as with all regulatory labels, the exact meaning has nuances.

All devices marketed in the U.S. are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through a classification system based on risk. Class I devices like common thermometers require general controls only. Class II devices undergo “special controls” testing, while Class III includes life-sustaining devices needing premarket approval (PMA).

However, even Class I general control devices can’t legally be sold without first undergoing either a 510(k) clearance or being listed under a code in the product classification database. Only select Class III devices strictly require formal PMA clinical trials. So while clearance assures basic safety standards, it does not imply formal proven efficacy like an “approval” label could suggest to consumers.

The Difference Between “Cleared”, “Registered”, and “Approved”

To help consumers better understand FDA oversight terms:

“Cleared”: Means the FDA determined the device is substantially equivalent to a legally marketed predicate device. 510(k) clearance signifies equivalence to an existing device type for commercial distribution – not formal approval testing.

“Registered”: Refers to listing in the product classification database. Manufacturers register lower-risk Class I general control devices by specifying the intended use and demonstrating conformance to relevant performance standards.

“Approved”: Strictly speaking, only implantable or life-sustaining Class III devices undergo a rigorous Premarket Approval (PMA) process to provide a reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness backed by clinical evidence through formal trials.

So in summary, “cleared” refers more broadly to lower-risk Class I and II general medical devices that have undergone basic FDA review for commercial sale, whereas “approved” status is for higher-risk devices clinically proven through PMA demands. Consumers must understand these nuanced regulatory terms.

The Advantages of the RDPRO Series

One series of red light therapy devices that do hold FDA 510(k) clearance for commercial marketing is the RDPRO line from Anthropic. Let’s look at some attributes that distinguish them:

Medical grade component sourcing ensures consistent emission wavelengths and power densities scientifically shown effective in studies.

Rigorous testing validates adherence to international IEC 60601-1 and IEC 60601-2-57 medical electrical equipment safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards.

Sophisticated control systems optimize intensity settings for targeted clinical applications versus low-quality consumer units of variable output.

Customizable multi-panel arrays and treatment modes make the RDPRO ideal for professional medical clinics or larger home units covering larger surface areas.

Sturdy durable housing, heatsinks, and reliable power supply ensure consistent long-term performance optimized for daily heavy usage.

Integrated calibration processes guarantee specifications do not drift outside intended parameters over the lifetime of each device.

Top-tier engineering and extensive quality control validate RDPRO devices to meet basic FDA medical device requirements for commercialization. Their meticulous design ideally supports clinical results.

Safety and Efficacy

Red light therapy emits far below the UV/visible spectrums, interacting harmlessly with tissues through non-ionizing photobiomodulation mechanisms versus potentially mutagenic effects. Major reviews conclude:

When used as directed at low-moderate intensities, red/NIR light poses negligible risk of eye damage, skin burns, or teratogenic effects. Subjects report no acute adverse events.

No toxic, allergenic, or carcinogenic properties are associated even with higher daily dosages given red/NIR’s anti-inflammatory and immune-supportive properties.

Double-blind, placebo-controlled human trials demonstrate consistent clinical benefits for wound healing, pain relief, blood circulation, injury recovery, and more across groups. Animal studies show histological changes validating biological activity.

Individual results may vary depending on health status, treatment protocol adhered to, condition targeted, and device specifications. Consistent use generally yields the best outcomes.

Overall, regulatory-cleared medical-grade devices like the RDPRO series provide an advanced yet safe non-invasive therapy option backed by a growing body of scientific efficacy research.

Targeted Treatment – RDPRO300

For small targeted applications, the RDPRO300 offers:

Precise focal point for concentrated treatments on minor injuries, acne lesions, wrinkles, or other localized concerns.

Comfortable hands-free use with and wireless remote for full mobility during therapy.

300w power density for the desired depth of tissue penetration.

Safety features prevent accidental direct eye or sensitive exposure with an auto-shutoff timer.

Ideal for spot treatments, post-procedure wound care, or muscle trigger point therapy – the versatile RDPRO300 supports accurate localized application.

Full Body Treatment – RDPRO1500, RDPRO3000, RDPRO6000

For whole-body wellness needs, larger RDPRO pantry options cover more surface area per session:

RDPRO1500 features a 47″x 24” array powered by 300 5w diodes for 1500w total output density suitable for medium-coverage use cases.

RDPRO3000 increases to an 87″x 24” array with 600 5w diodes delivering a higher 3000w intensity useful for larger individuals or clinical settings.

Top-tier RDPRO6000 offers two 87″x47” arrays powered by 1200 5w diodes for an impressive 6000w total intensity rating allowing coverage of two users simultaneously or faster single-user treatments.

All feature integrated safety timers, lockable intensity settings, adjustable panels, and medical-grade components designed for daily heavy-duty clinical or at-home full-body therapies.

Warranty and Customer Support

Anthropic stands by the quality, safety, and performance of RDPRO devices by offering:

3-year manufacturer’s warranty to address defects, light intensity issues, or operational malfunctions.

Certified technicians help troubleshoot rare technical hardware problems.

Software updates maintain alignment with the latest clinical research for continually optimized pre-set treatment programs and safety features.

With rigorous quality assurance processes, extensive testing, and an accessible post-purchase support network, the RDPRO series provides consumers with an affordable and reliable home solution backed by an industry-leading brand.


The FDA-approved RDPRO series of red light therapy devices represent not only the safety and effectiveness of our products but also our commitment to consumer health. We believe that only the best products can win the trust and support of consumers. In the future, we will continue to develop more high-quality products and make greater contributions to the health of consumers. Together, let’s open a new chapter of health and beauty with the FDA-approved RDPRO series of red light treatment devices!

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